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Petrohué Falls

Petrohué Falls

These are waterfalls located to a short distance downstream from Lake Todos Los
Santos. The Petrohué Falls are located within the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, close to the road to Petrohué, a town on the edge of the lake.

This is a safety pin stop for those who visit Lake Todos los Santos or cross the Andes. Many of the tourists who make the route between Puerto Varas and  Bariloche in Argentina stop here.

The waterfall is located on a base of basaltic lava, which came from the Osorno volcano. The Petrohué Falls are located approximately 50 km. from the city of Puerto Varas. To get there, it is necessary to border Lake Llanquihue. It is a must-see location, between the people who visit the cities of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas.

It is a place where waterfalls, green foliage and geographic features collude to seize our senses. Which transforms it into a little trip to Paradise. The average water flow is 370 cubic meters per second, which increases during the rainy season because Lake Todos los Santos can increase in height up to 2 meters. The water of the lake is usually clear with a green and blue hue.

How to get to

To Access to this reserve can be made through route 225 from Puerto Varas.
There is a public transport service, which makes this tour every 30 minutes. On the way, you can observe the landscape of the Valdivian forest, Lake Llanquihue, Calbuco and Osorno Volcano.


The climate is temperate and rainy, with Mediterranean climate influence, abundant and constant rainfall even in summer and the average annual temperature is 11 ° C. It is advisable to wear clothes suitable for rain, because the weather changes constantly at any time of year.

Trade in rural areas is open all day, but closes between 13:00 and 15:00.
DO NOT leave trash in parks or on public roads. Taking care of nature is everyone’s responsibility so avoid fines.

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